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The Saildrone Antarctic Circumnavigation Design Contest
Oct 14, 2019

The wing design contest and “How Antarctica Affects Me” video contest asked participants to reflect on the lessons learned from the STEM curriculum and either reimagine the graphics of a saildrone wing or create a video explaining how changes in Antarctica affect the climate and ecosystem where they live.


Through generous support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF), five grand prize winners will travel to Alameda, CA, to tour Saildrone HQ and other technology startups dedicated to sustainability. Chong Hiu Lam and Wong Wing Kiu are the prize winners and they were visited to the United States in this summer holiday.


Wing Design Contest – Junior Category (12 and under)

2A Wong Wing Kiu

Honorable Mentions: 2D Ngai Lok Yan, 2A Wei Ke Xin, 2E Liu Hoi Tung, 2C Fung Kwan Sin


Wing Design Contest – Open Category (13 and over)

5D Chong Hiu Lam

Honorable Mentions: 6C Poon Wing Yi, 6B Lau Nga Yi, 6C Lee Wai Man, 5C Lo Wing Chi


李嘉誠基金會贊助的「Saildrone南極環流探索」計畫,利用無人駕駛航探儀,探索南冰洋的生態系統,研究題目包括磷蝦數量、企鵝行為和海洋碳通量等等,希望透過比賽,讓學生認識南冰洋的生態系統對全;球氣候、海洋生物的影響。本校41位學生參加了此項比賽,而1B 黃泳蕎及4D莊曉琳分別獲13歲以下初級組及13歲以上公開組最佳設計 ,獲邀前往Saildrone 美國總部參觀,並到訪當地新創公司進行交流。



最佳設計 – 2A 黃泳蕎

優異獎 – 2D 倪樂欣, 2D 魏可欣, 2E 廖海彤, 2C 馮筠蒨



最佳設計 - 5D 莊曉琳

優異獎 - 6C 潘穎怡, 6B 劉雅宜, 6C 李蕙汶, 5C 羅穎芝


5D Chong Hiu Lam

2C Fung Kwan Sin