Student Development

Guidance & Discipline

The Guidance Committee

The Guidance Committee aims to help our students develop self-discipline, promote and encourage good behaviour and provide on-going prevention services. We believe that a supportive environment can encourage positive values and help our students establish a healthy self-image. 



Programmes for Holistic Student Development

A comprehensive guidance and counselling approach ensures that each and every student receives adequate support when they require it.

Guidance activities include Orientation camps, Class-room Discipline Competitions and Development camps are carried out to encourage individuals to become aware of attitudes and behaviour in daily life and strengthen the acquisition of core values. Preventive programmes such as Stress Management Workshop and case conferences help to sort out individual student’s personal and emotional problems.

  S1 Orientation Camp


S2 Development Camp 2018 S2 Development Camp 2017


Prefect leadership Camp 2018 Prefect leadership Camp 2016


Peer Tutor Training Service Learning Scheme