Student Development

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular Activities


  1. To explore and develop students’ potential and talent

  2. To develop students’ positive life value

  3. To develop students’ leadership, organization and collaboration skills

  4. To raise students’ sense of belonging to the school and sense of responsibility


Participation in extra-curricular activities is an essential part of an all-rounded school education. The Extra-curricular Activities Committee offers students the opportunity to develop various talents, enhance their mental and physical health, and learn to become responsible members of society.

The committee is responsible for coordinating all extra-curricular activities in school, formulating the strategy of promoting the activities as well as implementing the policy of participation. In our school, all students and teachers are assigned to one of the four houses. Therefore Students from different forms can have more opportunities to communicate with each other through various inter-house activities. The house system serves as a bridge between the junior form and senior form students, which helps to build the vertical relationship in the school. Besides the four houses, there are more than forty extra-curricular activity clubs and student committees, which can be grouped under 4 categories, namely academic, service, interest and sports, all of which provide students with a wide range of learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Inter-house Quiz Contest Chinese Lantern Riddle Gathering


Chinese Cultural Week Girl Guide Training Camp


Dance Team Drama Performance


Biannule Tutti Concerto Ensemble LKSArt


Table tennis team Football team


We believe that students are able to organize and promote activities. In recent years, organization of activities has switched from being teacher-oriented to student-oriented. Students now take up the leading role in formulating and implementing the activity plan. By doing so, they can enjoy the activities more and develop leadership and organization skills. The committee will continue to give support and do everything it can to facilitate students’ developments in both their character and ability with a view to nurturing them into becoming decent members of society.

Elderly Service Serving Our Community


Adventureship Training  Leadership Training Camp