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Gifted Education

1. Rationale and Principles of the Gifted Education Policy in Hong Kong


● Gifted education should be part of quality education

● Exploring students' thinking, creative abilities and social skills should be the foci of gifted education.

● Stretching students’ potential and striving for excellence.


Our school has adopted the three-tier operation mode suggested by the Education Bureau in implementing gifted education.  This comprehensive model facilitates the provision of gifted education at the classroom level (Level 1), through pull-out programmes within or after regular school hours (Level 2) and by means of enrichment and extension learning opportunities outside of school (Level 3).  Effective implementation of gifted education does not only systematically and strategically develop the potentials of gifted students, but it also powerfully addresses learner diversity.


2. School-based Gifted Education Program

Our school has set up a talent pool in order to promote gifted education. Our talented and gifted students are identified and selected by the Academic Affairs Committee, the Extra-Curricular Activities Committee, subject departments and coordinated by Gifted Education Committee. These students are encouraged to participate in different learning activities or competitions so that their talents can be further stretched.

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