申請表下載 Admission form
The special arrangements for the submission of application forms for the Secondary One Discretionary

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Education Bureau allows the submission of application forms for the Secondary One Discretionary Place by post this year. Parents can post the application form and the related documents to our school from 3rd January, 2022 (Monday) to 17th January, 2022 (Monday) inclusive; the postal stamp date will be regarded as the date of application. As post delivery takes time, parents are encouraged to submit their applications by registered post to minimize the risks involved. On receipt of an application form and its related documents, our school will stamp our seal on the Parent’s Copy (acknowledgement stub) and post it to the parent concerned. 


Documents required: 

(1) the completed application form provided by the school 

(2) a photocopy of the student applicant’s ID documents 

(3) a photocopy of his/her Primary 5 (Term 1 and Term 2) and Primary 6 (Term 1) report cards 

(4) a photocopy of his/her certificates/awards received from Primary 4 to Primary 6 

(5) the application form for Secondary One Discretionary Place provided by the Education Bureau 

(6) 2 self-addressed and stamped envelopes (the address should be written in BLOCK LETTERS and the recipient should be the student applicant) 





1)  已填妥之本校入學申請表 

2)  學生身份証明文件副本 

3)  小五上、下學期及小六上學期校內試成績表影印本 

4)  教育局中一自行分配學位申請表存根 

5)  小四至小六期間獲得之各種證書或獎狀副本 (不須提交小學推薦信) 

6)  兩個貼有足額郵票之回郵信封(信封上請用正楷寫上地址,收信人須為申請學生)