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Through integrating career and life planning education into the school’s curriculum and organizing a wide range of activities, the Careers Guidance Committee assists students to develop self-awareness, to set goals for tertiary education and career aspirations, to make informed choice with reference to their interests, abilities and orientations and to equip themselves for their future workplace. 


1. Career and Life Planning Education 


The Career Guidance Committee has officially launched the Career and Life Planning Education since 2014. It is launched gradually to help students cope with the challenges from further studies, as well as to know their individual needs better. We believe that through better understanding of their abilities, aptitudes, resources and restrictions, together with their further awareness of the current conditions, acknowledgement of various opportunities and the prospects of diverse careers, students would be able to set reasonable expectations for choosing what is the most suitable for them in their future workplace. 


1.1 School-based Career and Life Planning Education 


School-based Career and Life Planning Education serves F.1 to F.6 students. The teaching resources are designed according to the needs of the students. We aim to boost junior form students’ growth and personal development. Meanwhile, for senior form students, we aim at assisting them in making decisions on further studies and future employment. 


A. School-based curriculum
















Let students know their traits to set goals in academic, social, and lifestyle habits.

Let students review their deficiencies and improve themselves by establishing dreams, short-term and long-term goals.

Let students inspire in subject selection school, establishing individual learning goals and progression plans.

Prepare students for senior form.

Recognize the value of the profession to set goals and plans for further studies.

Let students know about the JUPAS, local and non-local pathways for further studies. Master university interviewing skills.

Let students master the strategy of JUPAS selection of subjects, make long-term career plans, prepare for further studies or job hunting.


Self-editing textbook Students’ reflection


B. My Way Secondary School Career Development Education Curriculum for Junior Forms







思考將來 把握現在

決定背後 建基價值

升學有道 搜尋有法


Let students understand the roles they play in different stages of life and master time management skills

Let students use tools to view and understand their values

Let students understand the path of further studies after Secondary 3, cultivate information literacy and critical thinking skills



積極掌控 轉危為機

「友」見及此 平衡自決

職出所想 發展潛能


Let students build a positive outlook on life and respond to frustration or adversity in life

Let students understand the help and resistance that their friends bring to their career planning, and learn to analyze

Let students understand the value of work and cultivate "transferability"



認識自己 制訂目標

代代相傳? 互動有法

風格有別 決策有理


Let students understand their traits and master the way to set clear goals

Let students understand the help and resistance that parents bring to their career planning, learn to cope with differences

Let students know different personal decision-making styles and master decision-making tools



實現目標 持之以恆

突破定型 批判思考

應對偶發 善待自己


Ways for students to master practical goals

Let students reflect on social stereotypes and develop critical thinking skills

Let students learn to take advantage of occasional opportunities and attitudes






1. Guide students to make clear directions and plans for further studies.

2. Guide the students to develop action plans for specific practical learning objectives.

1. Help students in reviewing their situation and making clear directions and plans for further studies.

2. Assist students in formulating action plans for specific practice goals.

1. Help students in setting clear goals and plans for further studies.

2. Assist students in formulating action plans for specific practice goals.

3. According to the traits and wishes of the students, give suggestions for the JUPAS selection of subjects.

1.2 My Way Secondary School Career Development Education 


Its purpose is to let students know, appreciate and affirm themselves, so as to enhance their motivation for career planning. It aims at showing students both the help and resistance that the environment brings when students are planning for their career. Students will learn how to balance between personal thoughts and resistance from the environment so that they can have a thorough career planning consideration. 

Teachers and students discuss JUPAS choices    

Teachers assist students to establish a career path


School Activity

Jupas & Non-Jupas Experience sharing Session Careers Day


Career talk F.4 Subject Selection Talk


Taiwan University Study Tour Careers Life Planning Workshop


Visit to CUHK Mock Interview


Tsinghua University Hong Kong Admission Briefing Session Visit to ICAC